Life Is All About Perspective!

"You know what?" "What?" "That spectacled girl of our class is not like we thought she is..." "Why?! She is so rude and loud and jealous of all... Why'd you say she's not like we thought?!" "That's exactly what I'm sayin'. She's not at all like that. I happened to talk to her later that day...... Continue Reading →

Dark Energy and Dark Matter: The Mystery.

We all know much about the sparkling galaxies, swirling planets, the sun, moons and other wondrous celestial objects. Don't we? But, ever thought about what lies beyond these stuff? If not, then it's the time! Let me tell you about something mysterious, something far beyond our imagination. Read along, maybe you could be the one... Continue Reading →


After reading the title, you'd probably be like "Just a hundred likes?!?! It's not much to brag about, lil' girl!" But, for me, it's a milestone. A hundred likes may be less for you...but it's a considerable achievement for the girl on the other side of your screen.  It's been about one month since I... Continue Reading →


'A dark rainy night. The loud sound of raindrops hitting hard on the glass windows. The cool breeze struggling to enter the room from that small gap of the window. And with all that, a conscious sleep to accompany me. Such an astounding weather! Isn't it? But, sadly it all came to an end in... Continue Reading →

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