6 Things I Just Can’t Handle!

In this crowded planet of busy humans, there would be many things which we love to see. Well, my favourites in the planet are icecreams, classy women, polaroids, sketches, cherry blossoms, London (those who read my previous blogs would surely know about London and cherry blossoms😎), Harry Styles, chocolates and many other such things. But as you know, where there is good there is bad just like you have favourites as well as pet peeves. So here is the list of the things that I just can’t handle! And if you guys have a pet peeve which is not listed here then feel free to let me know through comments.

1. Girls beings too girlish         “Ohh Emm Geee!!! Look at that guy! He’s so so soo cutee!”                   “Guess what?? I’ve got new tees from Forever 21 at just $35!!”             Ugghh I hate this kind of talks! I am more like a tomboyish one rather than a girlish one. 

2. Bad grammar (your/you’re🙄) I mean seriously! Let’s get this straight- ‘your’ shows possession and ‘you’re’ is ‘you are’! Remember, perfect grammar is more powerful than any other weapon.

3. Bragging                                            If you got something special then fine, keep it. Just don’t keep bragging about it everytime I come across you.

4. Someone interrupting me           Let me complete my sentence, first. Then talk!😑 

5. Battery low                                       Isn’t this the pet peeve of every teen right now? I mean who doesn’t hate that ‘battery low’ sign visible on our screen?!?

6. Social events                                   All those horrible parties and weddings where you have to meet your long-time-no-see-relatives! I hate that awkard moment when I don’t know what to talk with them. [For my fellow Indians: This is that exact moment when you meet your papa ke behen ke pati ke mausi ke bhanje ki bhabhi – the so called “door ke rishtedaar”. And then their famous question after your boards, “result kya aaya?”  And I’m like, “who are you? I don’t even know you! And I don’t want to tell you my result!!”]


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