‘A dark rainy night. The loud sound of raindrops hitting hard on the glass windows. The cool breeze struggling to enter the room from that small gap of the window. And with all that, a conscious sleep to accompany me. Such an astounding weather! Isn’t it? But, sadly it all came to an end in the morning. The alarm went off at 5:40. That’s the moment when I realised that I had school that day. Lazily, I woke up at 5:45. I had a cold-water shower which felt like pure heaven. Then as usual it was ‘shit!-I’m-late-for-school’ time. But just as I reached my school, I regretted coming there. My best friend was absent!! I mean how could she do it? I felt like punching her in the face. Ughh!

Now, me, being a stupid introvert, would not talk to a single one of my classmates and would spend the whole time talking to none, but myself.*😑* I wanted to be at home right now, sitting beside the window with a cup of hot brewing cup of coffee and a book in the other hand; feeling the cool breeze with the small drops of rain hitting softly on my face. Oh, how much I’d love it! But as a quote states,

‘No matter how much you flirt with the Fantasy, you’ll end up marrying the Reality.’

That day passed horribly awful. You know why? First, because I’m a stupid introvert and second, because “reality”, my dear, is awful!’

                 ~ excerpt from my                                 autobiography which                       I’ll never write.


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