9 Amazing Movies To Watch Before You Die!

Well, I admit, the title’s a bit harsh. But it is what it is. You have to live your life to the fullest before resting in peace. And what’s better than a movie marathon with a bucket full of cheese popcorns, a large size pepperoni pizza and ofcourse, not to forget your crazy squad!

 So believe me guys, you’ve got to watch these 9 fantastically-amazingly-astoundingly-phenomenal movies! (According to me. Everyone has a different taste, right?) So let the movie marathon begin!

1. Interstellar: This science fiction of time travel is a true piece of intelligence and mystery. It’s ending will literally make you shed a tear or two!

2. Inception: An extraordinaryly brilliant movie. You’ll never know if it’s actually a dream or reality! 

3. Lord Of The Rings/ Hobbit series: A series of a awe-worthy blend of adventure, mystery, humor, friendship, magic and what not! 

4. The Fault In Our Stars: John Green, the author of this best-selling novel has created other pieces of fiction namely Paper Towns and A Walk To Remember (both amazing books). But you cannot help yourself falling in love with the happy-go-lucky Augustus Waters played by Ansel Elgort. 

5. Harry Potter series: Do I really need to explain why you should watch this? I mean, siriusly who wouldn’t be addicted to the adventurous journey of Harry, Ron and Hermoine! *siriusly is spelled like this for a reason lol*

6. The Pursuit Of Happiness: A true piece of ‘flawlessness’. I bet, you’ll love your father even more after seeing this inspiring movie starring the father-son duo of Will and Jaden Smith. 

7. Ice Age series: You’ll say it’s for kids, but you’ll laugh along with it every second. Check out this wonderful journey of Manny, Sid and Diego in Ice Age!

8. F.R.I.E.N.D.S series: Okay, I know it’s not a movie but this series is a must watch! You’ll fall in love with Chandler’s sarcasm, Pheobe’s weirdness, Rachel’s beauty, Monica’s OCD, Ross’ nerdiness and Joey’s senseless talks from the first episode itself. 

9. Sherlock series: Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t be better in his role of Sherlock Holmes, the detective. Every episode of this perfect series is full of mystery and a plot twist at the end. I cannot wait for the next season to come!


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