Life Is All About Perspective!

“You know what?”


“That spectacled girl of our class is not like we thought she is…”

“Why?! She is so rude and loud and jealous of all… Why’d you say she’s not like we thought?!”

“That’s exactly what I’m sayin’. She’s not at all like that. I happened to talk to her later that day… and guess what? She turns out to be a really amazing person…not at all rude!”

“What the hell are you saying?! Are you serious, Aparna? I mean, how can she be so good? You’re such a stupid girl. lol”


Above is an example of what I mean to say, in this whole blog post. Any random person is good to some, bad to others. Some are our friends (the best ones) and some our enemies (the worst ones). But ever thought what exactly decides this classification of good and bad??


Yes, it’s not behaviour or speech or values or character which decides a person being good or bad. It’s purely the perspective of the person in front of him. 

You know what is the little know truth about this world? I’ll tell you! It’s that:

“Every single person is good in their own way.”

We do have enemies, right? Don’t we? For us, they’re the worst people. But for their friends and family, they’re the best. Actually, we see a person in the way we want to, not in the way they actually are. That, my darling, is perspective.

 Let me give you an example! Look, if you see a random guy (let us name him Harry!) beating the hell out of another guy (he’s called Alex), what would be your reaction? You’d most probably say that Harry is the vicious one and Alex is of course, the innocent one. Isn’t it?

 But wait a minute! You never know what exactly has happened between them. Maybe, Harry was beating Alex because he did something wrong. So, actually Harry is a good person and Alex did something faulty so he’s a bad person.

 If we see something good in every single person, then trust me, our life would be wondrous!

Do one thing today. Just think about your biggest enemy and try to find the good part of him/her… just try it once. I bet you’ll find some reasons not to hate that person anymore!


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