9 Euphoric Lyrics By Our Favourite Artists!

Music is life. That's why our hearts have 'BEATS'. *Feeling ineffable joy*                "Yay!! Let's listen to some of my favourite hip hop music!" *Feeling miserable*                            "I feel like crying! I'll listen to some sad songs.... Continue Reading →



'A dark rainy night. The loud sound of raindrops hitting hard on the glass windows. The cool breeze struggling to enter the room from that small gap of the window. And with all that, a conscious sleep to accompany me. Such an astounding weather! Isn't it? But, sadly it all came to an end in... Continue Reading →

Be your own kind of beautiful!

When do you call a person beautiful? When he/she "looks" beautiful, right? According to most of the wonderful "homosapiens", the word beautiful is referred to just the external beauty. If a lady is looking gorgeous in a skirt, she is beautiful. If she is wearing make-up, then oh my god! She is amazingly beautiful! Is it... Continue Reading →

A London Dream

"London is just another place for me?? No, it's not. London is more than just a city, it's my obsession, love, aesthetic, dream..." Check this piece of fiction to experience a blend of adventure, dreams, misery, love and what not! Find out what happens to Alessia when her life became almost perfect. Please check out... Continue Reading →

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